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Inspirational Career Coaching

If you wish to take advantage of my vast experience in higher education, then this course is for you!


I spent the first number or years of my career following a very usual trajectory, first in teaching, then in publishing, and then in higher education administrative and advancement. I accomplished a great deal, but often at a very high cost to me personally. It wasn’t until I met Thomas Yeomans, Ph.D., Director of The Concord Institute, in the mid 1990’s that I had a tremendous fire lit under me. I suddenly found real meaning in my work, and that has made all the difference. The whole world suddenly opened up to me! Tom was a teacher, a mentor, and a coach in all of the work that followed, and a mentor to my staff members. He led staff retreats for us all as well. I took a number of psycho-spiritual courses and leadership development courses with him. I spent most of my time at Boston University (about 15 years) guided by Tom and found my true calling.  In the very beginning, my supervisor at BU was a little hesitant, but when he saw what I was able to accomplish, there was no question that my work with Tom should continue. The coaching and mentoring work with my staff was quite successful and worked very well.  They and I were promoted along the way, and everyone benefitted!

When I worked with my staff, I took them from where they were to where they wanted to go—typically the next career step in their path.

How we might work together:

1) If you felt ready to take the next career step, I would ask you a series of questions that supported this concept, and ask you some others where you might not be so ready yet.

For example:
  • In what way are you ready to take the next step, and what specific skills do you have to support this?
  • In what particular areas do you need some extra encouragement? Where might you garner this?
  • What individual skills, group skills, and organizational skills need sharpening?
  • What internal barriers might you have?
  • How might you take feedback from your supervisor? Show how you will be ready to take this important step.
  • How might you help your supervisor prepare documentation, particularly for her/his higher ups?

2) How would you deal with a supervisor who would be requiring that you essentially give up your life for the purposes of this job—totally above and beyond the call of duty?

For example:

  • What are some of the options available to you in this particular instance?
  • What would you do to get her/him to see the potential pitfalls of such a course of action if this pace continued?
  • How might you negotiate with your supervisor to come up with the best series of steps to handle this situation, so it could be a win/win for all involved?
3) You might have an interview and need some support in the preparation for this interview session—whether it be with one person or even with the whole board of trustees. Much like the other examples, we would come up with a whole series of questions that would get you ready for this step and any steps beyond. We would develop a series of questions that would give you an advantage for those who would be your competitors in this interview process.

4) You are an outstanding employee who your supervisors want to recognize for your exemplary performance. In addition to giving you a raise, she/he probably might appreciate suggestions from you—so have some ideas ready, whether this might be some extra vacation time, etc. (or something else that doesn’t cost budget money). 

5) What other questions do you have?

These are just a few examples of the questions we might address. We would use real life examples to prepare you for the inquiries, negotiations, and particular challenges ahead in your career path.  You would help set the pace for this and you would select the issues that require our attention.

Some of these topics might need one or two sessions and, others would require a more typical three to five sessions plan. Others may even require more time.  We typically will decide this together.

Inspirational Career Coaching calls are $150 per session.

Please call to inquire about a FREE 20 minute coaching session with me at (774) 264-9492 or send me a message.

Among her many talents, Gayle leads through strength, not fear, and steadfastly walks by your side as you work through your own challenges to achieve success.
- Anne J., San Francisco

Inspirational Career Coaching Testimonials

Gayle is an incredible mentor and coach who naturally is oriented to helping those around self-identity and self-cultivation. She sees qualities and detects potential in individuals that they cannot see for themselves. She helped me ignite my passion for the social sector by showing me how I could do something I love—writing—and use it for the greater good. She helped me discover a career path (Director of Development for a major national girl’s organization.) I love how she gave me the opportunity to build my confidence in leading others.
- Lynn, Boston.

“Some People come into our lives and quickly go, some stay for a while, and leave footprints on our heart—and we are never, ever the same.” Anne gave this to me in a framed print when she left Boston University for her next job. Now as Director of Development for a major national orchestra, she adds the following: Gayle personally has been instrumental in helping me shape a successful fundraising career. She believed in me and gave me the support I needed as I was starting out on my professional journey. Among her many talents, Gayle leads through strength, not fear, and steadfastly walks by your side as you work through your own challenges to achieve success.
- Anne J., San Francisco

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