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Calling in Your Beloved


This course is based upon the national best-selling book by Katherine Woodward Thomas, MA. MFT, titled Calling in “The One.” This process takes you week by week through a journey of discovering all that has been preventing you from creating your most intimate and loving connections. This includes letting go of resentments, releasing toxic ties, renegotiating old agreements, and all those issues that have been standing in the way of allowing you to believe that you will have the love you have desired. You will tackle early childhood wounds, core beliefs and other distortions of reality, transforming early identities, and replacing these with the truth about who you really are. You will become magnetic to the love and partnerships you desire. Most of the course is dynamic in nature, and most people begin to experience amazing shifts in the first few weeks of the sessions.

You will become magnetic to the love and partnerships you desire.

This course will take you through three basic premises that are essential to this work.


Life is a creative process and our thoughts, beliefs, assumptions, choices, actions, and words are the tools that we use to invent our experiences and our circumstances.


We have the ability to create circumstances and opportunities in our lives by setting clear intentions and by committing to and living in alignment with these intentions.
When you alter your relationship with yourself, your external world will alter accordingly.

We work through one introductory session and seven weekly chapters throughout this course. During that time we will meet weekly to discuss what is coming up for you and to go through specific exercises and practices to support you. Calling in “The One” will be your textbook for the course, and you will have homework to keep you engaged on days we are not meeting.  It works for men and women of all ages, and is used to call in, cultivate, and sustain relationships for the long term. I am a Certified Calling in “The One” Coach, and I participated as a coach in one of Katherine’s Calling in “The One” courses, which included approximately 1000 student participants. If you have been dating online or following the advice of a dating guide, this will be an exciting alternative, because it releases the inner obstacles that have been blocking you from meeting your great love.

Since it was first introduced 9 years ago, Katherine and her partner Claire Zammit, Ph.D.(c) have developed advanced principles, techniques, and practices, that were not included in the book. I will teach these to you and you will be surprised at how much you are learning and feeling the changes in your body. Further, you are much more likely to experience the success you are seeking when working with a personal coach who comes to know you well.  I am a Certified Calling in “The One” Coach.

Gayle is an excellent coach whose warmth and supportive style will help create a transformative experience for anyone who partners with her.
-Lynn H., NYC

Here is what you can expect to cover when you are working with me and what we will be covering from the Calling in “The One” book:

  1. Preparing for Love
  2. Completing the Past
  3. Healing Core Wounds
  4. Activating Your Magnetic Power
  5. Becoming the One
  6. Aligning with Your Love Destiny
  7. Manifesting Your Soul Mate
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Before working with Gayle, I didn’t believe in the real possibility of having a relationship with the “man of my dreams.” A big opening was in the shift from viewing me as unworthy, to seeing me as radiant to my beloved. I’m now ready to welcome him into my life. Gayle received me without judgment or reaction.
-Christine M., Boston

Gayle is an excellent coach whose warmth and supportive style will help create a transformative experience for anyone who partners with her. She enthusiastically believed in this process FOR me, which was truly inspiring. I knew I was in good hands.
-Lynn H., NYC

Here are a few questions people typically ask:

1)      Where do the sessions take place?

Many sessions take place in person in my office in Westport, MA. USA, but most usually take place by phone.


2)      Can I typically find love in just 7 weeks?

Many people do find love in 7 weeks, but that is not the first goal of the program. First and foremost, you must become the Beloved you are looking for. Once we have a deep and caring relationship with ourselves, we can then have that special loving and caring relationship with someone we have longed for. And it can happen very soon!


3)      What if I am not ready for a relationship now?

Many people use the Transformational Life Coaching (Calling in Your Beloved or Conscious Completion) as a tool to prepare themselves for the time when they are ready to complete a past relationship, so that when they are ready to bring in a new relationship, they do not bring the old patterns with them. They are starting from a much healthier place.


4)      How much does CALLING IN YOUR BELOVED cost?

The first Introductory Call costs $150, as do the remaining 7 course calls. The 7 course calls cost $825 if paid in full before the start of the course, representing a savings of $225.


5)      Call with other questions!

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