The Miraculous Spring
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About The Miraculous Spring

On February 11, 1997, I had the most amazing vision! In the very early hours of that morning, I was awakened by a divine presence. The words and the astonishing nature of that vision, which I listened to and looked upon with great reverence and awe, gave me a sense of enormous safety and care. Even to this day, in recalling this presence, I feel an immense comfort and gratitude.


In telling this story to my mentor, Thomas Yeomans, Ph.D., I recalled that I had been named after St. Bernadette, who also had visions.  Other than that, I knew very little about her. With Tom’s encouragement, I learned much more about her story.  I was astonished to discover that Bernadette’s first mystical vision of Mary coincided with the month, day, and precise time of day of my own powerful vision. This “coincidence” bonded me with Bernadette and I decided to take the metaphor of The Miraculous Spring as central to my work. The Miraculous Spring, which Mary led Bernadette to discover,  is not only a true story that I feel connected to, but also is a metaphor for my healing work and for the healing powers that reside in each and every one of us.

The Spring heals so many of all faiths who make the pilgrimage to this place of miracles each year.
This gift from Saint Bernadette—a poor peasant girl from Lourdes in Southwest France—was revealed to her in 1858 by “The Beautiful Lady” (Mary, Mother of God). The Miraculous Spring was buried at the grotto’s cave where Bernadette had her visions. The Spring heals so many of all faiths who make the pilgrimage to this place of miracles each year. The movie, The Song of Bernadette, tells the story beautifully and, when my beloved mother saw this, she vowed to give the name of Bernadette (at the last moment my middle name) to her first-born daughter. I paid little attention to the radiance of her life—even relinquishing her name informally—to avoid the daunting task of living up to my namesake. Following my amazing personal vision and my further connections with Bernadette, I had to pay attention!

Some of the miracles that have come into my life follow:

1. When I met my husband twenty-five years ago, that miracle was similar to understanding why Bernadette was in my life.  Several months before his arrival, I unexplainably began preparing for him, clearing out that which no longer belonged in my life (including an old boyfriend), clearing out items that no longer fit my condominium, telling several of my best friends that my future husband would arrive—although I had no idea how this would come to be! Some partings were quite happy and others were sad. Yet, I knew that all was happening as it should be! When he arrived, I knew he was “the one.” We have been happily married for almost 23 years and are true soul mates.  The beauty of this miracle has left me with deep gratitude!
2. I lost a wonderful cat named Calli who is very precious to me. I never gave up searching for her, and never would have met my wonderful new neighbors, many of whom looked for her at the same time. Kathy, a wonderful and gracious woman even came around with me in my new neighborhood to knock on doors the first couple of afternoons, giving me the courage to continue on for the next two months! Calli basically was moving from place to place, staying within a half-mile radius of our home. Having moved recently, she didn’t recognize our new home and she didn’t recognize us! One day, a young boy named Nick said that he had seen her with some frequency in his yard and offered to put a heart-to-heart food trap there.  On the third day she was“rescued.”  It was exactly two months to the day that she was missing! I brought her to the 24-hour vet who told us how lucky we were! After being home for three months, she healed from the many maladies of her ordeal. I bless every day that she is with us, and bless Nick for bringing her home safely.
3. I and my younger sister, with whom I have had a somewhat “difficult” relationship, experienced a series of miracles over two plus years which have had a wonderful influence on our sisterhood. I suddenly realized how I had brought my own attitude to this relationship, of which I was totally unaware, until I looked deeply. Once I took full responsibility for this (actually I was quite shocked at my role), she accepted my sorrow and my apologies with a full and open heart. In celebrating her birthday recently, we experienced amazing synchronicities that will have a profound effect on us well into the future. I am amazed at the transformation this has had in our relationship. I will treasure these miracles always!
4. Many other miracles have happened in my life, too numerous to mention. For example, I am deeply grateful for the profound ways in ways in which St. Bernadette has touched my life. During a visit to the shrine at Lourdes the year following my amazing insight, many divinely inspired miracles touched me to my core at that place of revelation. I was overcome by the possibilities they held for me! Soon I will investigate these on a future journey to Lourdes. I will leave my heart open for whatever is to be revealed.
5. Miracles can happen for you too!
May you discover this spring and know that such miracles are possible for you as well. Be inspired to open to the creative energies of the Universe, and know that such remarkable events are there for you. Let it be so!

Preparation for Choosing from among these Options:

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Our initial conversation will help prepare us for the right course for you. You may already know what that is or you may still be unsure. With whatever questions you have, you and I can come to a decision fairly quickly. 

What is your greatest intention right now? Do you wish to proceed with your career path right away?  Or,  do you want to move forward in your love life now? Do you prefer to clear up the obstacles of a recent breakup—or even one that happened long ago—likely causing you to be ill prepared for any romance that might come your way? It’s up to us to decide after you and I talk. We may even decide that it is best to wait or, that another path is more appropriate at this moment in time. Let’s discuss this!


Gayle received her A.B. from Mount Holyoke College and originally followed a career in teaching, publishing, and higher education management and advancement. In all fields she received accolades for her excellence and achievement in these areas. However, it wasn’t until she met Thomas Yeomans, Ph.D. in 1995 that her work came alive, and she began studying with him as a teacher, mentor, and a coach for all the work that followed. She took a number of psycho-spiritual courses and leadership development courses with him. In fact, she spent most of her time at Boston University (most of the 15 years) under his guidance and found her true calling—her soul’s calling to be more exact—and the beginning of her work as an INSPIRATIONAL CAREER COACH.  She became a wonderful coach for those she was hired to mentor, coach, and guide, and this also set the stage for the work she began three years ago.

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When she met Katherine Woodward Thomas, MA, MFT, she believed she had found her calling to continue on with this work. She is passionate and feels an aliveness as she co-partners with others to achieve breakthroughs as they prepare for transformation in their own lives. Calling in “The One”, where she is a certified coach, was the right fit for her as she developed her own course CALLING IN YOUR BELOVED.  Soon after, she was honored to become a certified Conscious Uncoupling coach, another area where Katherine had recently devoted considerable skill, teaching, and coaching.  She calls her course CONSCIOUS COMPLETION.  

Both courses are TRANSFORMATIONAL LIFE COACHING courses, and both are life-altering, particularly if you are ready and willing to work with me in this process. And they both follow quite naturally from my INSPIRATIONAL LIFE COACHING, which requires the skills of presence, intention, deep attention, and listening in both kinds of coaching.

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